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The best of Iceland in 4 days – A Travel Guide for First timers

The best of Iceland in 4 days –  A Travel Guide for First timers

The Golden Circle 



Some people will tell you to avoid it because it’s very touristy since it’s so close to Reykjavik but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing beautiful wonders. The entire drive is just magnificent.

Þingvellir National Park



Iceland is the only place in the world where the rift is above sea level. As you make your way down the park into a deep cliff you will literally be walking between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plate. When you reach the edge of the North American one, you will be greeted by an amazing waterfall, Öxaráfoss. Game of Thrones fans, this is also one of the shooting location, where Brienne and the Hound engage in a bloody battle in season 4…

Haukadalur Geysers



It’s a geothermal area where the water is at 100 degrees and the own word ‘geyser’ was name after that particular one in Iceland, how crazy is that?! If you ever wondered how this phenomenon happens, well the earth is basically churning up boiling water making it explode. Be prepared because the steam coming out of it smells like rotten eggs… They are two geysers to be seen but the original one no longer explodes. The Strokkur one on the other hand does every 10 minutes or so… It’s just so much fun.

Gulfoss Waterfall



The Hvítá river, which means white in Icelandic, takes its source from Iceland´s second biggest glacier! The river is so wide and moves so fast that when it falls 100 feet into a crevice it produces thick mist and you can often see rainbows. It gets really, really windy down there and the mist is blown away everywhere so I’d recommend for you to take a waterproof jacket, which we clearly weren’t prepared for…

Blue Lagoon



It is one of the most popular attraction in Iceland and calls itself one of the 25 wonders. It literally seats on a lava field. The lagoon itself is man made but the water comes from a nearby geothermal power plant, Svartsengi. Because it is so rich in minerals, it has the reputation to help heal some skin diseases like psoriasis and of course you won’t have to freaze your butt off because the water is heated between 37 and 39 degrees.

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