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The most Instagrammable places in Toronto – Explore like a local

The most Instagrammable places in Toronto – Explore like a local


Toronto is indeed a beautiful city but if you are visiting for the first time it can be quite hard to know exactly what to do, especially if you don’t wanna stick to the touristy places. On the other hand, if you’re a local you might be stuck seeing the same things over and over again and want to find some new cool spots.

Social media is a big part of our lives and Toronto is home to funky architecture, beautiful parks, street arts and a crazy food scene. So whether you’re in Toronto for the weekend visiting, looking to show off to your friends at home or living here and wanting to hump up your feed, you definitely are in the best city.

Let’s go explore!

 June Callwood Park AKA The ‘Pink Park’



Everybody will tell you about High Park or Trinity Bellwood and while they sure are beautiful, especially if you wanna lay down and read a book, they are like any other parks you have seen before.  The June Callwood on the other hand is an urban forest. No grass to seat down here but beautiful trees, benches and the most important, bright pink covering for you to seat or walk on! Let the girl in you out and strike a pose! For the most curious ones, the park was named after a famous Canadian activist…

The graffiti Alley



I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’ve been living in Toronto for 5 years and it took me to write this post to actually check it out. While Berlin has been voted the best city in the world to see street art, Toronto has nothing to feel sorry about. It is indeed located in an alley, where you can see the most versatile, colourful and activist art! You are sure to find the best background for your pics. Also look for the street art at every corner because you don’t have to be in the alley to spot some, happy hunting!

Toronto Island



This definitely qualifies as a touristy place BUT the view you get from the Toronto skyline is the best of the city and it sure is worth it. If you’ve travel to lots of cities in north America, skylines tend to be the same but we are proud to have the CN tower bringing light to Toronto and, ok I’ll admit Drake as well…  So hop on a boat (they are available all year long) take a snap of the skyline and  and check out the beautiful Toronto Island while you’re at it. It will feel like you’re miles away from the city jungle and you’ll definitely spot some locals having a bbq or playing volleyball.

Lab Sense



I wasn’t lying when I said Toronto was home to some crazy food and this is one of its latest baby, nitro ice creams! If you’ve never heard of it,  it’s basically ice cream without ice, all you need is Nitrogen, crazy right?! On top of serving you amazing crazy ice creams (the nitro smoke will literally come out of your nostrils) you can find a flower wall and egg chairs to eat it like you’re in a secret spring garden!




Located on the hottest spot to go out (king street west), the fancy french restaurant, Lavelle has one of the most beautiful rooftop patio in Toronto. It is of course over seeing its skyline and the CN tower but also has a cute fake grass corner and two amazing pools. How to make the best of it without spending thousands? Grab a seat at the bar, order a drink and their tuna tartare, it’s to die for!

Old York Lane



Yorkville is the Champs Elysée of Toronto. This area is where you can find all the luxurious stores and the wealthiest of the 6ix walking around. In the mist of all that, lays a tiny lane, Old York. The locals use it to cut from one street to another but it’s definitely worth a stop. Beautiful flowers and charming stores lay out, it’ll make you feel like you’re in a small town of France, and that’s coming from a French girl…

Canoe Landing



I always wondered about the name because it definitely isn’t where canoes come to land but, another urban park in the middle of downtown Toronto. This one is 8 acres long with many walking paths and you’ll find those funky fish hooks with water fountains in the middle. Perfect for pictures or to stay fresh on a hot fall day (like we’ve been having lately), but also a classic red canoe sitting on top of the hill. It has a reputation to be one of the best spot to have outdoor sex in the city

Allan Garden



Funny enough, a lot of locals I spoke to didn’t know about this place, when it’s literally a botanical gem in the heart of the city. I guess tourists do know better sometimes… I’m not a plant or flower freak but I have to admit this teased the little princess in me and felt like I was in a garden straight out of a fairytale. And the best part about it, the whole access is completely free!

I believe there is always something new to see and I had a blast exploring Toronto! Leave a comment to let me know what was your fav and if you wanna see more of Toronto, don’t hesitate, I’ll be your guinea pig!


Xo Mel

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