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My Story

I'm a pure little frog, born and raised in the south of France. What a blessing you might say, but the thought of staying in my home town my whole life was frightening. There was so many things I wanted to see, so many places I wanted to explore and  so many cultures I wanted to experience... so I made a promise to myself. I took summer jobs every year, worked hard in school and moved out when I was 18. Ever since, I had the opportunity to live in Paris, New York, Cannes and where I really found myself, my current home Toronto.

Why Travel Fashionista?

So much has changed since I first arrived in Toronto. I was struggling with my weight and not knowing what I was doing with my life but there was one thing that was always a constant, my need to travel and inspire people. Five years down the line and 20 pounds lighter I became confident with my own style and finally decided to share my adventures with the world.

This blog is not just about my travels and my adventures. The Travel Fashionista is bringing you Travel & Fashion tips to make your own travels, stylish and amazing too.

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