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Most Instagramable places in LA – Ultimate girls trip

Most Instagramable places in LA – Ultimate girls trip

I’ve heard many horror stories about LA… It’s way too spread out, not glamorous at all, sketchy but yet when you look at pictures online it looks awesome…. So when I booked my tickets I really had no idea what to expect. We chose to do it like locals while including only the best of the touristy places. If you wanna know where to go to get the same Instagram as a digital nomad  and experience the real Los Angeles… You have come to the right place.

West Hollywood

Hollywood sign


This is THE touristy thing we can not miss and it sure is worth it. I’d recommend for you to take an Uber until the entrance of the sign observatory. You can walk all the way there but it’s only hills with small sidewalks and you should save your strength for what’s coming…

You’ll first stumble across a cute little backyard where you can stop to take pictures but when you venture inside the path, you’ll be even closer and that’s the perfect spot.

Don’t think this is over, that’s where the real fun begins… You get to hike to see the sign from the top of the hill. This was very confusing as there is no indication on which way to go but basically follow the road path going to the left, towards the sign and you’ll get there.

For the story, we asked a local hiking down how long it would take us and she said roughly 15 minutes ahahah Well let me tell you it ain’t… Expect to do it more so in 30/40 minutes….

But tadaaa that is the view you get once you’re up there and that is pretty amazing. Of course going near the sign is forbidden, there are fences and police helicopters flying around every 15 minutes but that is close enough. The hike itself is all on a road, it gets sandy only when you’re up there but I’d still recommend sneakers so you’re comfortable.

Carrera Café


This is the cutest little Italian Café right on Melrose avenue. On top of that, they make the craziest coffee art. When you order, you’ll get to pick your design and the machine does the rest.

Being my first time in LA, I couldn’t resist the Hollywood sign and the palm trees but you can pick from Kim K famous crying face to funny quotes. Keep in mind that they can only do it with lattés and regular milk.

They also have an old school pink phone under the ‘Ciao Bella’ sign where you can put coins in and it goes to a local charity.The entire place is just a blogger’s dream place on earth…

And it’s not over yet… When you go outside they have this big fun art wall. They change it every season, how fun! Right after we left they switched it for an Hello sign with flowers, perfect for spring.

And if the weather is warm enough (well it is, it’s LA after all…) you can even seat on their cute little patio.

Paul Smith


You may or may not have heard of the store but you can’t miss this location as it’s famous for his insanely big pink wall and that definitely had me at hello.

The beauty is that both the Café and the store are right across the street from each other and in between lays this amazing sign. The french rebel in me couldn’t resist snapping a shot with it and of course posting it on my Insta…

Egg Slut


Call me what?! Well I can’t argue with that… I loooooove eggs and I’m definitely a brunch girl so when we asked a local where to go for breakfast and it told us ‘EggSlut’, we were too intrigued to pass on.

We didn’t expect the place to be so cute and more importantly the food to be so yummy. The freshly squeezed OJ is to die for!



It stands for ‘Los Angeles County Museum of Art’ and is the largest museum in western USA. But what they’re famous for are those urban lights sculptures that you probably saw in every  rom-com movies. They are located outside the museum and next to the road. So you don’t even need to pay or walk far to get there.

We took amazing pictures in there but the setting of my camera was wrong and everything is basically way too blurry to use…

In-N-Out Burger


Unfortunately for us east coasters we do not have the joy of having In-N-Out burgers available. Probably why they’re so popular? Brace yourself cause the wait is usually half an hour but people go in and out (get it ahahah) fairly quickly so you usually find a table by the time your burger is ready.

I’m not gonna lie, this location is not as good as the one I tried in Vegas, maybe too busy, but it’s still worth a try…

Santa Monica >>


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