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Most Instagramable places in LA – Ultimate girls trip

Most Instagramable places in LA – Ultimate girls trip


The Pier


It’s one of the things we can’t miss when in California. The Pier is double joint with an amusement park, restaurants and an incredible view of the ocean and the shore.

I wouldn’t recommend going there on the weekends. It’s so hard to walk with all the people around but if you go early enough you’ll be able to snap a shop without anybody in your way.

Bike Ride


The shore is so beautiful and walking is fun but hiring bikes and riding along the coast is even better and also super cheap. You can have some for 20$ all day. But one hour and a half is usually enough. My friend did have an issue with hers  at some point but a lovely Californian man helped us put the rail back on and we were back on the road in no time.

The bay


This was a huge ‘baywatch’ movie moment and I couldn’t resist climbing on top of it… You can of course find them all over the bay. This one is not the filming location (as they shot in Florida) but that’s good enough. What do you think, they could hire me right?!

For the story, we were trying to take some shots under the pier when a cop approached us, we thought we were in trouble but he’s the one who told us to go right underneath and pose like this so stranger cop, this picture is for you.

The Promenade


Located just a block away from the Pier this is the cutest little street. The access is pedestrians only making it so relaxing to walk by and you’ll also find all the typical American stores, Victoria’s secret, Forever XXI… but also some cool restaurants.

Venice Beach


I’ve gotta say this is the place that surprised me the most and not in a good way. I’ve seen similar pictures on other people’s Instagram and I was dying to go there, thinking it was as glamorous as the pics. Well it definitely ain’t…

Because we rode from Santa Monica to Venice Beach the difference was so obvious even though there is no separation whatsoever. You have lots of outside vendors, funky people and hippies… It’s either you love it or hate it.

One cool spot is definitely the skatepark. Not knowing how to skate myself I’m very envious and admirative to see them slide with such ease, especially cause it might not seem like it but it’s deep AF…

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