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Most Instagramable places in LA – Ultimate girls trip

Most Instagramable places in LA – Ultimate girls trip

Downtown LA

The Arts District


This entire venture started with a flop and ended up amazing. We were on our way to the museum of ice cream, except… It was a pop up one that ended in December last year… If you have the same idea, save yourself…

But our uber driver was amazing and kept driving around (for free) When we stumbled across the arts district we had to stop and explore.

You’ll find lots of art on the walls but my favourites definitely has to be that one with the Los Angeles sign.

Salt & Straw


If you’re an ice cream addict like I am you’ve gotta try ‘Salt & Straw’. They change their flavours every week and they have lots of funky ones. To make the best of it, we got a classic sundae and a sample tray. We picked: salted caramel & almonds, raspberry & white chocolate, avocado & chocolate and lavender & honey.

There are also some really cute little stores and flowery streets to walk around. It was the golden hour as the sun was setting down and it was so magical.

Angel Brewery


I couldn’t talk about downtown LA without mentioning this place. The brewery is in an old factory. There are communal tables everywhere, food trucks and lots of games. The perfect combo to meet people and have a good time. For those of you who’ve been to Germany, my friend says it’s exactly like it.

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