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How to stay stylish in a hot and humid country

How to stay stylish in a hot and humid country

  Have you ever been frustrated looking at old travel pictures wishing you had dressed better? Well I have, a lot… and whether or not you’re a fashionista let’s face it, packing is a nightmare. ‘What do I take? Do I really need that?’ You […]

Outfits to rock the Holiday Parties like a Fashionista

Outfits to rock the Holiday Parties like a Fashionista

Ho Ho Ho, it’s that time of the year again and who doesn’t like the holidays? Christmas shopping, eating too much good food, opening gifts and of course the parties! That means we get to dress up and holidays are the moment where you can […]

Warm and Cute clothes to rock the cold season in Style

Warm and Cute clothes to rock the cold season in Style

Ah, the beautiful snow flakes, hot chocolate by the fire and the holidays… What’s not to love about the cold season? Maybe the fact that we’re gonna freeze our butts off for the next 4 months…Trying to survive by -30 degrees is hard, doing it with style is even harder. It’s gonna be my sixth winter in Canada and I learned a few things along the way to stay warm while still looking cute. I love those items especially because most of them are timeless and you are most likely to have them in your closet. Needless to say that most of those items are to be worn under a big winter coat…

Flannel Shirt



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a red plaid flannel shirt? Canada and its lumberjacks of course! So you’ll blend right in if you are in the land of the Canucks. On top of always being trendy, flannel is a thick material and will keep you warm. You’ll often see it worn on top of other shirts but my favourite way of waring it is around my hips. You’ll feel like a bad ass right away.


Oversized Scarf



They have been a trend since last year and they are truly amazing. You can wear them on top of another scarf to double up layers and make sure no cold air passes through. You can wear them around your shoulders as a blanket or as a classic simple scarf. Black is out, this year expect to see some pastels and white. I love the double coloured one because you can switch it over depending on your mood, take that winter!






Who doesn’t have the typical Bolivian one in mind? It is a south American outfit after all and it was originally created to protect from the rain. They are now designed as fashion items and there are many styles available but no matter which one you chose they’re gonna keep you warm while staying breathable and confortable. You can overlay them on top of sweaters or even use them as a jackets while wrapping yourself in it.


Chelsea Boots



It’s an ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel and they were created by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker! They were both worn by men and women in the victorian era and became iconic in Britain during the 60s. Everything comes back to style in fashion and this year is definitely the year of Chelsea boots. My flat shoes gals this one is for you, they are both comfy and stylish.


Leather Jacket



It’s the timeless item of your closet. If you don’t own one yet I would highly recommend you do because it will never go out of style and you can wear it on top of a warmer knits. It’ll give you style and a rock look right away. You don’t have to go for the real deal and ruin yourself, there are some good fake options on the market.


Burgundy Purse



I think we can all agree that burgundy is THE fall colour no matter which year we’re on. It’s warm, reminds you of the colour of the leaves and who am I kidding, red wine of course… It also goes with everything. Maroon, aqua, mustard… you name it. Purses are a big part of your style and switching them according to the seasons is important and make such a statement.


Pom Pom Beanie 



I have to admit when I saw them on everybody‘s head last year I thought they were ridiculous but like a song that you hear 30 times a day I learned to like them, here’s why… If you have a round face (like I do) a classic beanie might accentuate that and make you look like a 10 year old but those pom pom ones elongate your head since they are higher. They are also looser and definitely the trend of this winter. Let’s not forget that touching a pom pom is good luck… If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate!


Bomber Coat



It’s very similar to a flight jacket which was originally created for military pilots… hot right?! Except a bomber one has usually a layer oh sheepskin around the neck. My favourite store came out with bomber coats. They are way thicker and have a layer of fake hair on the collar but the main shape remains the same. If you’re looking for that early winter jacket who’s gonna keep you warm while looking stylish it’s definitely the one.


Shop the looks

I hope you enjoyed the outfits. Leave me a comment to tell me what’s your favourite thing to wear in winter.

Big thanks to the talented @KevinMoody for the amazing shots.

Xo Mel




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