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Winter getaway in Canada

Winter getaway in Canada

It’s so easy to get caught up in the winter routine. Stay home and netflix, eat crap, you name it… So when a girlfriend and I had the same days off we jumped on the opportunity to go away for the weekend. Canada is big […]

The best of Iceland in 4 days –  A Travel Guide for First timers

The best of Iceland in 4 days – A Travel Guide for First timers

Iceland. Probably the trendiest destination amongst travellers. Of course I wanted to go but coming from France and being used to see those green landscapes around, I wasn’t prepared to be blown away and let me tell you how wrong I was. This is the […]

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Trendy shoes for partying on a vacay if you suck at wearing stilettos

Trendy shoes for partying on a vacay if you suck at wearing stilettos

I’ve gotta commend Kim Kardashian for wearing crazy high heels all the time and looking flawless while doing so. As much as I wish I could rock beautiful stilettos everyday or for an entire evening out, well that ain’t me and I know I’m definitely not the only one. Wether you’re on vacation or at home, it’s a given that we are meant to go out and there is nothing worse than ending up bare foot at 3 in the morning after a night of partying because your feet can’t take it any longer. Don’t judge, we’ve all done it but that ain’t cute nor classy. That doesn’t mean we’re a lost cause and have to settle for comfy ugly flat shoes when travelling.

Ladies I’ve got you…

1. Low Heels Sandals

This is where sandals meet heels and it’s definitely the highlight of summer 2017. They are everywhere! Sandals are cute and comfy but I find they lack that stylish edge which is exactly what the heel adds to it.



Why: Comfy, comfy, comfy but sexy! It won’t even feel like you’re walking with heels. There’re also so many styles available, from suede to leather, snake print to fluffy, you name it.



What to wear it with: They are best paired with denim ripped jeans or a sexy tight dress. Keep in mind that if your goal is to make yourself taller and elongate your legs those aren’t your best bet but eh, you’ll be partying until dawn! 



2. Mule heels

Along with the low heels sandals, those are the trend of 2017. The upper part rises high on the foot while showcasing your ankle and front toes, it’s like a pick a boo if you will, making it look stylish and summery.


 Why: They’re super trendy. The heel is thicker which makes them way more comfortable than a stiletto but also high enough to give you some extra inches. You’ve also got a good grabs around your ankle. No more fearing the stairs after 3 rounds of drinks.


What to wear it with: Those are the most versatile of all the shoes in this article. Shorts, ripped jeans, short skirt and dresses, possibilities are endless but those are to avoid with long skirt/dresses or if you’re under 5’1, they will break your silhouette and make you look even shorter.  



3. Wedges Espadrilles

A favourite of mine. It’s like the espadrille had a baby with wedges. There is a thick and high wedge heel often made of esparto rope and a lace-on at the ankle.



 Why: Wedges heels are the most comfortable heels you can wear but we also know that often, they aren’t the best looking ones. This combo will get you that perfect comfy but classy look. The heel also being higher than mosts, you will look like you have the legs of a Victoria’s secret model.



What to wear it with: Because the material is often a cotton fabric and the heel made of rope, you will have that casual look right away which means we gotta pick our outfit accordingly. They are best paired with a loose summery dress, denims or shorts rather than a killer tight sexy dress.



4. Stacked heels

There is usually a thin lace around your ankle and it looks like strips of canvas or wood have been piled on top of another to create the effect.

Why: They are really, really sexy. You’re whole feet is pretty much naked but the thick heel still makes them comfortable while elongating your legs and making your feet beautiful.



What to wear it with: Now is the time to pull out that sexy tight dress ladies! They also compliment side cut out maxi dresses really well. I’ve gotta say, even though the heel is thick, it’s also higher and they are definitely gonna put your feet to a test. It just means you’ll have to take a cab instead of walking to the club, no biggie. 





5. Elevated Loafer

My flat shoes gals you didn’t think I forgot you, did you? Sometimes we don’t feel like wearing heels whatsoever, no matter how comfy they are and it can be tricky to find cute flats. I personally hate Loafers BUT I couldn’t resist those ones.


Why: They are considered as flats but they still have a tiny heel which will give you a better posture and the material makes them way classier than the regular loafers. They are perfect when at the airport or while doing a lot of walking.




What to wear it with: Denims and shorts are the best option, you’ll have that million dollar look right away. 




I hope you enjoyed reading about this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Shout me a comment to let me know what kind of heel is your favourite or even a crazy story about your partying.


Xo Mel