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The best of Iceland in 4 days – A Travel Guide for First timers

The best of Iceland in 4 days –  A Travel Guide for First timers

Iceland. Probably the trendiest destination amongst travellers. Of course I wanted to go but coming from France and being used to see those green landscapes around, I wasn’t prepared to be blown away and let me tell you how wrong I was. This is the most beautiful, breath taking country I’ve ever been to. My boyfriend and I could only get 4 days off from work but that didn’t stop us and we saw the best Iceland had to offer in the very best way possible.

Here’s how we did it…

Day 1 – Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon

Day 2 – Lava Tunnel, Waterfalls & Crashed Plane

Day 3 – Canyon, Black Sand beach & Crater

Day 4 – Reykjavik

Accommodation & Transportation


I don’t have to tell you that Iceland is expensive, you’ve probably heard it from every single person, even the ones who haven’t been there and yes it’s true so I’d forget about excursions and busses. Instead, we rented a camping van for 3 days.



We chose Camp Easy which was about 300$ each. They provided a voucher for the bus and taxi from the airport and you’ll have everything you need. Bed, duvet cover, a heater and even a little kitchen with a sink and water!  Lemme tell you that this was the best idea we had because we got soaked a few times so being able to dry our clothes with the heater was a life saver. You can’t just park anywhere over night though so you’ll have to find a camp but it’ll only cost between 10 to 20$ a night and they all have kitchens. No more cold sandwiches here comes the grilled cheese!  Grabbing groceries and making sandwiches is the best way to go in order to save time and money.



For our last night we decided to stay in Reykjavik and party. We chose KEX hostel, which is 5 minutes away from the main street where everything is happening and cost us 66$ each. It’s not just a hostel, they also have a bar, open to the public so you’ll be able to hang out with locals along amazing travellers. If you’re into 80s music, check out Pablo Discobar, for EDM definitely Paloma and for my hip hop/top 40 peeps, Prikið. Remember it’s Europe and we’ll party til’ 6 in the morning so expect a line up even after 2am..

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post and lemme know what was your favourite part about Iceland in the comment section down below!! Xo

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