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The best of Iceland in 4 days – A Travel Guide for First timers

The best of Iceland in 4 days –  A Travel Guide for First timers

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon



You can already tell by the picture how impressive this canyon is… 100m deep and 2km long. It was formed during the cold period of the ice age  and is 2 million years old! Mother nature doesn’t mess around… You have two ways to explore. You can either walk along a path on top and enjoy the view like we did or you can walk inside the canyon as the water is low. I’m used to see really dry canyon like the American one but seeing this beautiful green one, full of life was amazing.




You thought beaches were cool? Well black sand beaches are even cooler, it literally is made of Lava! It’s the result of lava running into the ocean which cooled it down right away and voila, you’ve got yourself a black sand beach. As you walk away from the water, the sand is becoming thicker and you can find big black rocks. The one in Iceland is the most iconic one as you can see basalt columns in the back  known as the ‘sea trolls‘.



I couldn’t write about the beach without including those other crazy columns looking like a stair case… I was actually taking some footage of the waves when I got caught off guard by one, started running back and fell flat on my face, ended up being soaked, but I saved the camera and my man turned out to be the model. Because the lava cooled down at a slower speed over here, it cracked and created these hexagonal forms, pretty crazy…

Kerið Crater



It is part of the golden circle but we chose to do it on our way back to Reykjavik to make the best of our final drive. It’s a volcanic crater with a lake at the bottom. Although most volcanic lakes are created after an explosion, this was one was formed after the last eruption emptied the magma reserve. The whole area is very noticeable as it’s not your typical black volcano rocks but red ones. You can walk all the way down and even touch the water or walk all the way around it.

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