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Winter getaway in Canada

Winter getaway in Canada

It’s so easy to get caught up in the winter routine. Stay home and netflix, eat crap, you name it… So when a girlfriend and I had the same days off we jumped on the opportunity to go away for the weekend. Canada is big and has so too much to offer but if you stumble across Ontario and want to have a fun and relaxing trip… We have the ultimate getaway for you!


My friend and I have never been snowboarding, ever. I’m a skier but I always envied those people who could snowboard, so I said to her, screw it, let’s do something we’ve never done before! We headed to ‘Blue Mountain’, a ski resort two hours away from Toronto.



The good thing about Blue Mountain is that they have everything you need, from lessons to ski pants which is very handy. Ski pants are one of those things you don’t wanna invest in unless you’re gonna get a good use out of it. For 100$, we were able to take group beginners lessons and have the rentals included. We just added the pants rental to that.



We had a blast but let me tell you, snowboarding kicked our asses, literally. I find it way more fun than skiing but also way harder to get the hang of it. The hardest part was to actually get up when you were falling. I spent more energy on trying to get up than practicing but once you can it’s when the fun begins. We had two different techniques, I was going slow trying to understand the movement, Aireen was going super fast crashing when wanting to stop… ahaha Bottom line, if you’re thinking of learning GO AHEAD, you won’t regret it!



We rented a room in the Comfort Inn, for 105$ a night. It’s in the town of Collingwood, just 5 minutes away from the resort. Definitely worth it. It’s twice less expensive than the hotels in the village and only a 5 minute drive. Our body being sore in parts we never thought possible we only had one wish, going to bed but we were also starving…



We picked a well known chain, ‘Kelseys‘ but quite frankly it was very disappointing. I like asking for burgers without the bun and switch up the fries for a salad. It feels like I’m satisfying my burger needs without the bad part but when doing so the main component is the meat and  the quality wasn’t there. Just for you to keep in mind when looking for a place to eat…



The next day was such a treat. We headed to the ‘Scandinave Spa’. If you’ve read my birthday post you already know what it is but it’s basically a mix of cold and hot waters to rejuvenate yourself. They also have massages, steam room, sauna and relaxation rooms.



They are extremely busy. The only way for you to get a reservation is to book a massage. If you don’t, you will have to show up right when they open to either enjoy the bath right away or to be put up on the waiting list, but hurry cause they go fast. The entry to the spa cost us 60$ but we also rented a robe for 12$. I would recommend for you to bring flip flops but if you don’t no biggie, you’ll just hurry up to the 39 degrees pool.



We took advantage of the fact that we had a rental car to go to the local Walmart and buy a few things we needed for our respective houses. The entire drive back was just magnificent, it was one of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.



To end the trip like true Canadians we went to a Hockey game. We chose the Marlies from the American Hockey League, way cheaper than the NHL and way better players if you ask me. You can have tickets starting at 15$ for close enough seats. If you’ve never been I highly recommend the experience. You also get to watch young men full of testosterone fight…

This concludes our trip. We had an amazing girl time. There is so much more to see in the area, just the village itself is beautiful to explore. It’s very hard to take pictures outside by -10 but I hope you enjoyed! I also wanna thank my amazing friend Aireen for her patience and helping me by taking all those amazing pictures. Love you conasse

Xo Mel

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